Amendment VC175

Amendment VC175 is gazetted into all Victorian Planning Schemes today.

The amendment implements part of the Government’s review into ‘Planning for amenity, health and safety buffers’, which was widely consulted on in late 2019 and early 2020.

Clause 53.10 (Uses with Adverse Amenity Potential) has been amended to include updated uses and threshold distances. This better aligns Clause 53.10 with existing practice guidance from the EPA on the amenity risks associated with these uses that need to be managed.

Policy at Clause 13.07 (Land Use Compatibility) is also updated. The objective at this clause now includes specific reference to infrastructure and a greater emphasis on protection. The strategies that accompany this objective now also have a stronger emphasis on avoiding incompatible uses, rather than simply ‘directing land uses to appropriate locations’ and reference the (EPA) Recommended separation disctances for industrial residual air emissions, 2013

With this policy shift, there is recognition that incompatible uses should avoid locating in areas where they may be impacted by adverse off-site impacts from existing uses with adverse off-site impacts, while the infrastructure use will also need to avoid or otherwise minimise its adverse off-site impacts.

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